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Is High Water Pressure A Good Thing?

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We’ve all gone to a hotel or someone else’s house and hopped in the shower to feel like we’re in the middle of torrential downpour and IT’S GLORIOUS. We love some strong water pressure and you immediately become envious because your shower at home is more like a babbling brook.


But envy not, that babbling brook could be a great thing for the longevity of your plumbing fixtures and appliances. We actually know a local plumbing inspector that says almost all plumbing issues come from the water pressure being to high. Now we’re not saying that you shouldn’t have any pressure, maybe its more like a creek after a storm and less of a babbling brook, we’re just saying that if it’s like a rapid, you might have some problems.


So if you are proudly showing off your amazing water pressure like your high school letterman jacket it might be time to take it back a bit (probably on the letterman too). If any of the symptoms below seem to be happening at your house it might be time to either test your water pressure or give us a call to do it for you.

High Water Pressure Signs:
-Toilet constantly running
-Knocking Pipes
-Leaking pipes
-Spitting from faucet when you turn it on
-Small life spans of appliances (water heater, washing machines, dishwasher)

If you feel like any or all of these could be you, you can get a water pressure gauge to test from your local Home Depot/Lowes/Menards (or we can come test it for you). If it’s above 80 psi we may need to come and install a water pressure regulator.

While it may seem like you are throwing away a beautiful gift of a pressure washer-type shower, it will save you big time on plumbing repairs and replacing your water heater more than you should.

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