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A Jolly Plumber Valentine

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With Valentines day coming up, we wanted to take a shot at some plumbing valentine day cards, then we thought, why don’t we just have some of our sexy plumbers do a seductive rendition of them? So, here are a few valentines from our plumbers, enjoy and watch with caution. As it says in the video, these guy are available 24/7 to service your plumbing needs, we repeat, plumbing needs. Full transcript of the video below.

O Hey, Didn’t see you there.
You know, most people think our guys are the
rough and tumble type.
But in reality, they’re just a bunch of hopeless
Our love flows, like a clear drain.
Our hearts come together, like two solder
Are you an AO Smith 30 gallon?
Cause your making me hot.
Roses are red, violets are blue.
Ill plunge your toilet so you can number 2.
Girl, You make my head spin like a garbage
I stick to you, like PVC glue.
My heart is so full, I think I need a pump.