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Jack Plumber of Jolly Plumbing with wrenchBrady Jolly serves many roles at Jolly Plumbing including CEO and spokesperson. Brady’s Blog is a source of  our collective years of plumbing service in the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area. Brady’s Blog is a place where we share tips, successes, and news about our great company.

Flush’s Interview

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Our Chief Pup has been with us for a few years now and has been itching to move up the corporate ladder. He said as he is getting older the physical labor of a plumber just isn’t going to work out for him. So we decided to give him a shot at an office job. […]

Lil Plumbers Recap

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We just want to give a huge thanks to everyone who showed up to our first ever Lil Plumbers event. We hope you had as good of as time as we did getting to share our craft. Even though hopefully we don’t have any calls about kids throwing poop emojis in their toilets at home! […]

Lil Plumbers Kids Event

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Jolly Plumbing – which has 30 years of experience servicing Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati – is hosting its first-ever “L’il Plumbers”, a free event on Wednesday, July 12, 4:30 to 6 :30 p.m. at the Jolly Event Center (101 Beacon Dr., Wilder). The event is designed for kids aged 5 to 10 and will focus […]

Tub City: A History of Cincinnati Bathtub Stories

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Cincinnati has a, well, I guess you could call it a strange relationship with bathtubs. As plumbers in Cincinnati, we deal with bathtubs fairly often so of course it’s of interest to us. As we dug into it a little more, it became something straight out of a old school murder mystery and things got increasingly weird. Below are […]

Buying a home? You may want to get the sewer line checked.

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Look, we’ll be honest with you. What we’re selling here isn’t a “must have” or a “necessity” when buying a home, you already have a lot to think of (and pay for). So just take this as good information and a service that could be a huge asset in saving you time, heartache, and money. Here we […]

Plumbers Reading Poop Books: Everyone Poops

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We all know that plumbers have to deal with poop from now and then. In some way, they are the experts on the stuff. So who would you rather have read you the literary classic, Everyone Poops? Sit back, grab your sippy cup, and enjoy. Jolly Plumbing has been providing 24-hour plumbing service to Cincinnati […]

Building a Church in 24 hours? Challenge Accepted.

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One of our retired plumbers let us know about this project and we were happy to donate some of our time to help give Turning Point Apostolic Church of Maysville, KY a new sanctuary space. They actually held service in the new space that same weekend! Great job Josh, Junior, and Chad who worked from […]

Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Impact Award

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  We are honored that the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce recognized Jolly Enterprises as a small business making an impact in the community. In this video, the CEO of Jolly Plumbing, Brady Jolly, describes what drives our company.   Jolly Plumbing has been providing 24-hour plumbing service to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky since 1979. 

Get to Know Scott Sharrock, Director of Operations

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Hey, everybody! You know, we’re not only proud of the work we do and so fortunate for the opportunity to serve your every plumbing need, we’re also incredibly proud of the members of the Jolly team who are active in our community, providing important services outside of the great work they do here. Take Scott […]

Come Work at Jolly! We’re Hiring!

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At Jolly Plumbing, we believe that every employee makes a difference. We look for the highest quality people to work together to deliver the best possible service for our customers and to ensure a great workplace for our employees. Jolly Plumbing is a growing company with exciting goals for the future. We need people who […]