Sewer or Water line need replaced?

General Info

Your yard started to get soggy and/or started to smell so you called your local Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky plumber (hopefully that’s us) and they told you that you need to replace/repair your sewer or water line. You get this sinking feeling in your stomach that this could be a costly endeavor. Unfortunatley, you’re probably right.

It could have been that you have an older house and the clay piping could not longer fend off those pesky roots or maybe just some bad luck with a crack or burst. Whatever it was you are probably wondering, how much is this going to cost?

How much is this going to cost?

We can’t give you an exact estimate here. We have full-time employees that do this because of all the variables that go into it. But we can give you an rough idea of the cost and the three major factors that influence the cost. And some example scenarios for your reference.

Depth:How deep the line is can be crucial to the price of your work. If its 2-4 ft deep then your cost will be significantly less than something that is 4-10 Ft deep.

Length: Kind of obvious, but how much of the line we need to repair or replace and how long that is will go into determining your price.

Complexity: Will we be fighting around some type of obstruction? Are we digging into rock and gravel instead of soft ground? These are some example of situations that can add man hours to your job, increasing the cost.


More Facts on Sewer and Water Lines

How long does it take to fix? 

Typically we are in and out of your hair in 1-2 days. Again, that all depends on those three factors we spoke about.

Can you take care of the back-up in my house?

Yes. We have our Jolly Cleaning and Restoration team on call 24/7 

What will my yard look like after?

It depends on if you want something called a rough backfill or complete restoration. More on that.