Before You Call

When it comes to fixing or repairing gas lines, the first thing we will want to do is test the line. This will require us coming out and basically taking soapy water and then pressurizing the line to find where your potential leak(s) could be. Around 70% of the time it is just one leak but sometimes we do find multiple leaks in the line.

If necessary, you may have to shut off your gas line. We cannot do this, so your provider must be alerted and they can come and shut off the system. We prefer to be the ones who do the testing over your provider since we will be the ones repairing the line and it is easier to see what we will be working with. After the job is complete, your provider will have to come over to test the line before they turn it on.

How much is this going to cost?

As we just discussed there are a few factors that go into the cost of repairing your gas line. The biggest one being how many repairs we have to make. As well as if you have to shut off the line (extra time). But in general, it could cost anywhere from $250-2000.

More Facts on Gas Lines

Typically gas lines are exposed, but if they are hidden behind walls and we have to tear up drywall or any other material we will not be responsible for the repair. If it is a bigger job we can refer you to Jolly Restoration but if it is just some small patching we can send you our preferred vendors list of people who we trust to get your house back to normal in a timely manner.