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Buying a home? You may want to get the sewer line checked.

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Look, we’ll be honest with you. What we’re selling here isn’t a “must have” or a “necessity” when buying a home, you already have a lot to think of (and pay for). So just take this as good information and a service that could be a huge asset in saving you time, heartache, and money.

Here we go:

To keep it as simple as possible, when you poop it goes here:

sewer lines

Sometimes that private sewer line can get blocked up.  And that can cause problems. Like $4,000-$10,000 dollar problems. 

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Basically, you have to dig everything up to fix it and diggin’ aint easy.
What we are offering is that before you buy your home we can come look at the line (with a fancy camera) and see if there are any issues for $250. That way you can make sure that in a few months or weeks after you buy your new house, other people’s poop doesn’t end up costing you a lot of money.

*$250 to make sure your not spending 4-10k in a few months.*

THE GOOD NEWS: If we find something wrong you might be able to take that 4-10k off the asking price, split the cost with the homeowner to fix it, or just simply be aware that you may have to pay that sometime soon so you can budget it out (BTW if we do find something wrong, we will take the $250 off what it cost to fix it). And if you’re thinking “Well you might just try to find something wrong and stall my deal,” think again, we don’t play that way.

While we are there we can also give you a free and non bias home review. Who knows, maybe we can point out a few more things you may want to address or bring to the bargaining table.

“So what do you want”: 

Sure, we want your business if something needs to be fixed but in the end, you’re in control. Really we just want you to be a more informed homebuyer and get a better price on your new home. If we don’t end up working together, we just ask for nice head nod.

New Homeowner $50 Off Sewer Line Scope

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