Honest Plumbing means

We’re In search of your repeat business.

Not just a big, one time job.

We know that not all Cincinnati plumbers are dishonest, but we don’t like that way that some of the big companies are treating the trade. Up-selling and overcharging at every opportunity. So we’re doing something about it. True and honest plumbing, the way the service should be. We know that money could have meant an extra date night out, a new bike for your kid, or a little more you can put in the savings for a rainy day.

It starts with

How we pay our plumbers

Our plumbers don’t have a “mechanics mentality.”

You know when you get your bill from the mechanic and you can’t understand any of the words on it but you need a drivable car, so you just pay it.



But there is this gut feeling that somewhere in there you were paying for something you didn’t need.

Then two weeks later your uncle who is good with cars tells you that you got taken advantage of.

That could be happening with your plumber. Maybe you already found that out.

Well you see, some plumbers work off commission.

That means they are REWARDED FOR UP-CHARGING.

We’re not saying all plumbers do that, we’re just saying we KNOW that our guys do not.

Compared to other companies 50%+ commission, we pay our guys hourly with a much smaller commission %.

That means less incentive to tell you that you need something when you don’t

That means we want to take care of you now so we can work with you again.

That means in two weeks you can tell your uncle you paid a fair price for a job well done.

You deserve to know when we will arrive.

That’s why we have text notifications and tracking.

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