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Lil Plumbers Kids Event

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lil plumbers
Jolly Plumbing – which has 30 years of experience servicing Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati – is hosting its first-ever “L’il Plumbers”, a free event on Wednesday, July 12, 4:30 to 6 :30 p.m. at the Jolly Event Center (101 Beacon Dr., Wilder).
The event is designed for kids aged 5 to 10 and will focus on teaching the basics of plumbing through interactive and fun activities. Participants will be able to problem solve with pipes, find clogs with cameras, and more.
“It will be a great opportunity for kids to gain an understanding of how they can turn or press a handle and water starts flowing,” said Brady Jolly, CEO of Jolly Plumbing. Jolly added that he also believes that he may see a future employee or two in the crowd. “A lot of plumbers are retiring right now so we need a new generation of talented plumbers. Maybe this event can create that spark.”
The event will feature the popular poop emojis, plumbing tools, and every kid will be able to take a picture in an excavation truck. The company is hoping to give an option to parents looking for summer activities for their kids and plans to have more events like this in the future.
Participants can come and go at their own pace and each kid will walk away with a gift from Jolly. You can RSVP on the Jolly Plumbing Facebook event page.
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