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The Log Blog was started by a couple of city dwellers who wanted a place to go for when they needed to go when they were on the…go. Their hope is to create a database for all to share of the best (and worst) bathrooms in Cincinnati. These reviews are written from non-Jolly employees and is a sponsored blog by Jolly Plumbing.


Mens Room

Over the Rhine, Cincinnati 

Our Privy Opinion 

If you’re lactose intolerant and happen to indulge a vice at Graeter’s Over the Rhine location, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the restrooms accessibility goes up for you. If you’re comfortable asking for a key, you’re able to hop right in. This, however, hurts those of us who are prairie dogging and need a good place to pinch one off. If they’re busy, you may be able to play it cool and pretend you’re a customer, but don’t count on it.

Outside of this lack of free pooping privileges, the restroom is decent. No real decor. A little cold, which makes sense for ice cream, but doesn’t make for a comfortable toilet seat. And somewhat clean, though when we did our business there, there was some TP debri lying around. All in all, if given the chance, we might pop back in, but if it’s not an emergency, we recommend skipping this one. – Plop Haskins







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