What you need to know.

A back flow system or preventer are set in place to make sure that in the case of unwanted materials backing up they cannot enter into a clean system. We can test in both Ohio and Kentucky and both residential and commercial.  If you live in Ohio then you are required to have your system checked once a year. If you live in Kentucky it is not required but you should still have the system checked regularly.

How much is this going to cost?

The cost depends on the size and model. Different models require us to do different things that can use different equipment or take more time. Our backflow tester will be able to answer this question better after getting more information. If it needs to be rebuilt we can give you a quote.

What do I do if my backflow is broke?

Typically it takes us around 30 minutes to check a back flow. Usually we can repair or rebuild your back flow system if it is broken and you won’t have to get a whole new unit. That is the good news, and even more good news is that whoever does your back flow test will be able to give you a bid on site once we identify the problem.