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THE LOG BLOG: Parkside Cafe

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Walnut Hills, Cincinnati

Our Privy Opinion 

Nestled in the heart of Walnut Hills is the laid back, no frills diner (in a former Frisch’s Big Boy) Parkside Cafe. And nestled in Parkside is a bathroom that almost always smells like the toilet has never been flushed. The smell is bad enough that at certain times of the day you’ll smell it even at the register.

I hate to disparage Parkside in any way because I have such an affection for it as a neighborhood staple but there are alleys with better aromas than this restroom. The urinal looks like you’re supposed to sit on it. The bathroom is always 10 degrees colder than the rest of the restaurant. And the stall has wide enough gaps that you make eye contact with most others who dare enter.

I do appreciate the blue collar, straight forward signage of the restroom though. The thing this crapper does say about Parkside is, in a way, what I love about this place. They don’t care to impress you. That sounds bad, and maybe it is when it comes to the pooside of Parkside, but the straight forward way they present themselves in the decor and food is an asset as long as your a$# doesn’t set on their toilet.












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