Jolly Plumbing Background

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Backhoe & Excavation Division

The Backhoe/Excavation Division is what many feel separates Jolly Plumbing from all of the other plumbing companies in Greater Cincinnati. Customers like The Northern Kentucky Sanitation District, The City of Covington, The City of Newport, Kahns Meats, Aristech Manufacturing, and thousands of others, have depended on Jolly Plumbing to repair the most difficult of underground piping repairs.

With three fully equipped backhoe crews, Jolly Plumbing stands ready to tackle any emergency underground sewer, water, or gas pipe repair. Technicians are trained in safety compliance and are equipped with OSHA approved safety equipment. Trench boxes and stackable shaft plates allow Jolly Plumbing to make sewer repairs at depths of up to 40 feet deep.

Underground sewer cameras, video equipment and high tech locating equipment enables Jolly Plumbing to pinpoint exactly where a broken spot is in your underground water, gas, or sewer line. This saves you, the customer, time and money.