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Septic Pump

Septic Tank Cleaning

No one pumps and cleans more septic tanks than Jolly Plumbing. Our 3500 gallon septic pump truck allows us to hold more waste and pump more tanks than our competitors. This means better service and lower pricing for you the customer.

Jolly Plumbing’s septic tank division is highly experienced. These technicians are able to diagnose and resolve any septic tank or leach field problem. Certified and licensed in all local jurisdictions, Jolly Plumbing is qualified to not only pump your septic tank, but if necessary is capable of installing leach fields, replacing septic tanks, replacing sewer lines or repairing leach fields.

With our modern septic pump truck, Jolly Plumbing is able to provide other needed services. Car wash pits, grease traps, holding tanks, storm sewer catch basins, and lift stations are routinely pumped by Jolly Plumbing on a daily basis.

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