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Replaced Sewer/Septic Line: What will my yard look like?

When you have your sewer/septic line repaired or replaced we will give you two different options on how we can leave your yard. A rough back fill or a complete restoration. If the way your yard looks matter to you, it might be useful to take a look at what these options are and look like.


Now, the keyword in rough backfill is rough. It’s not going to look like the White House garden when we are done with it, it’s going to look like a covered up ditch (that is essentially what it is). Overtime it will level out and you can plant some grass and it will go back to normal, but right after it will not be a work of art.


With this we make sure that your yard is on it’s way back to it’s former glory. By leveling it out and giving it few days to settle. After, we grate, straw and seed in preparation for the grass to come back in like nothing ever happened.