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The Log Blog was started by a couple of city dwellers who wanted a place to go for when they needed to go when they were on the…go. Their hope is to create a database for all to share of the best (and worst) bathrooms in Cincinnati. These reviews are written from non-Jolly employees and is a sponsored blog by Jolly Plumbing.


Over the Rhine, Cincinnati 

Our Privy Opinion 

Aside from Fountain Square and Findlay Market, these might be some of the most crowded cans in the city. We rate mid-level on comfort and privacy, since there’s usually loud drunkies lined up everywhere and the general hops-smelling, fluorescent-lit vibe of the brewery leaks into the bathrooms too. Ambience is even lower: with all the cool murals and merch outside, you think they could’ve done something to jazz up the Johns besides that red-rum tile. (The giant wrench door handle is cool though.) We once saw someone take a Sharpie and draw the Rhinegeist logo on a stall door as a hint, but even that was 409ed off that very weekend.

Accessibility is an issue, only because of all the stairs to get there in the first place. According to their site, they do offer a freight elevator for those who are wheelchair-bound, crutch-carrying, or otherwise unable to climb Mt. Rhinegeist. But you have to send a friend up to find a staff member and bring the lift down, then go up the ramp to the crapper, so if you’re in a chair and just chugged 3 Cheetahs to pregame at home? You’re S.O.L. Lastly, to give our beer-brewing buds a little credit, it’s usually surprisingly clean for all of the bodies going in & out, at least on the ladies’ side.












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