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The Log Blog was started by a couple of city dwellers who wanted a place to go for when they needed to go when they were on the…go. Their hope is to create a database for all to share of the best (and worst) bathrooms in Cincinnati. These reviews are written from non-Jolly employees and is a sponsored blog by Jolly Plumbing.


Over the Rhine, Cincinnati 

Our Privy Opinion 

A Royal Flush is a bathroom with a perfect score, the crème de la crème of lavatories. Sartre, you are so SO close. Beautiful, spotless bowl sinks, philosophy books and flowers on shelves, private doors for everybody, and perfect lighting. BUT. The thing we always ask ourselves is this: could it be accessed by anyone?

Would a garbage collector be comfortable getting off of work, walking into Sartre and heading straight to the loo? Since Sartre keeps up its fancified vibe at all times, those cute hostesses and trendy bartenders act as hipster security guards in the face of someone who may feel less than presentable. So the answer is no: one point shy of a Royal Flush, which we’ll call a Meghan Markle.







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Don't take our word for it.

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