We have served the Tri-State area for 40 years now and we may be best known for our iconic tagline “A Flush Beats a Full House”, but soon that will all be changing.

Over the years, many people have pointed out that a flush does not beat a full house in the game of poker. Although often our response would be “well, in plumbing it does,” we no longer see that answer as good enough since the start of our honest plumbing marketing campaign.  

So as of today, the new Jolly Plumbing tagline will be “A Royal Flush Beats a Full House” sure, it is a bit more wordy, but it follows the official World Poker Tour rules and most importantly, it is truthful and honest.

We’ve paid a Swedish design firm $100,000 for the new logo (above) and will soon start the process of changing all the branding on our trucks and advertisements across town. It will be a big and expensive project, but if that is what it takes to prove our honesty as a company, we will do it.

We hope that the transition will be complete by April 1st of 2020.