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Take a “Sit”: The Best “Sit” Ever

By April 6, 2020 No Comments
sit video photo

We had five random strangers come into our office to talk about one of their best experiences ever on a toilet. We all know that their are some time in our lives where a moment like that is something we would never forget. But sometimes, we never ever get to experience them again. We saw it as our duty to reunite these people with the toilet that they had their best sit ever on. The emotions were high, and these reunions were a sweet thing we will always cherish. Enjoy!

Just to be clear, these were professional improv actors. Although we do truly believe there are some special toilets in people lives, these were fake toilets (and bidets). If you are looking to get that perfect toilet installed, you know who to call. We’ve been servicing the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area for over 35 years and would love for you to have a connection like this with your toilet.

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