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The Plumbing Tool You Don’t Have But Can Save You $$$

By February 11, 2020 No Comments
Plumbing tool

Someone left too much toilet paper in toilet and now it’s clogged (you probably know who but just to keep things civil we will say “someone”). So you hurry up and grab the nearest plunger and start that super fun job of trying to unclog the toilet. After a couple tries though, it’s a no go. Panic sets in. What if it overflows? What if whats in therewill get out here? At the same time you have the can-do attitude and you don’t want to call a plumber just yet. What’s the next step.

Well, if you do some searching on the google machine, you may come across something called a toilet auger. It’s a tool that looks something like this

It basically goes in your toilet and around your trap and grabs whatever is clogged to clear the obstruction. However, before you get all excited about saving some money and not having to call a plumber, here’s something to consider.

When talking with Erik Wake, one of our estimators, he mentioned that using an auger can be a dangerous thing for your toilet and the result will come down to your experience using the tool.

The reason it can be a dangerous job is because the auger is not a graceful tool. It’s a piece of metal, and your toilet is porcelain. Metal + Porcelain =

That can make your toilet look like this

Toilet Auger

Or even worse it could potentially bust out the back of the trap.

Maybe its an old toilet and you don’t really care if it gets a scratch or two. Or maybe your super handy and will be very careful when using it. If that’s the case go on and get it done. However, if you wouldn’t consider yourself a Bob Vela type, then it may be time to give us a call.

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