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Jack Plumber of Jolly Plumbing with wrenchBrady Jolly serves many roles at Jolly Plumbing including CEO and spokesperson. Brady’s Blog is a source of  our collective years of plumbing service in the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area. Brady’s Blog is a place where we share tips, successes, and news about our great company.

A Jolly Plumber Valentine

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With Valentines day coming up, we wanted to take a shot at some plumbing valentine day cards, then we thought, why don’t we just have some of our sexy plumbers do a seductive rendition of them? So, here are a few valentines from our plumbers, enjoy and watch with caution. As it says in the […]

Plumbing Text Notifications From Jolly

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Jolly Plumbing is now proud to offer text notifications to our plumbing customers in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Our new software allows us to better serve you in other ways as well, like being able to quickly pull up all of your plumbing history, saving you time on the phone and our techs time in […]

Northern Kentucky Bypass – WCPO Story

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Our founder Barry Jolly, talks about the potential of a bypass in southern Campbell County and the economic impact it would have on Alexandria. While our CEO, Brady Jolly discusses the impact it would have on our business when serving areas such as Anderson, Loveland, and Milford. Brady sites that because it would cut down […]

Afraid your pipes will freeze this winter? – Channel 9 WCPO Story

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If you suspect frozen pipes call us at 859-781-7500. We service the greater Cincinnati region. If you have any water damage you can call our Property Rescue and Restoration directly at 859-441-7500.   We know that eventually it will hit us. After two years of relatively mild winters it’s about time we have a good ole fashion freeze […]

Twas the Night Before Christmas: Jolly Plumbing Edition

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It’s Christmas time and people around here are starting to get pretty festive. So festive in fact that we decided to do our own version of the Twas the Night Before Christmas. Enjoy.   Twas the night before Christmas and all throughout the pipes No water was moving because someone flushed wipes When down in […]

5 Things You Should Throw Down the Drain This Thanksgiving*

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Plumbing companies are always telling you what not to throw down the drain at Thanksgiving. Sure, they have a good reason because things like potatoes and grease can cause some serious clogs, but by now you know better. Instead of telling you what you can’t do, we wanted to make a list of things that you […]

Plumbers Reading Poop Books: Poop There It Is

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We all know that plumbers have to deal with poop from now and then. In some way, they are the experts on the stuff. So who would you rather have read you some children’s poop books? Sit back, sit criss cross apple sauce, and enjoy. Jolly Plumbing has been providing honest 24-hour plumbing service to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky […]

The Plumbing Tool You Don’t Have But can Save you $$$

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Someone left too much toilet paper in toilet and now it’s clogged (you probably know who but just to keep things civil we will say “someone”). So you hurry up and grab the nearest plunger and start that super fun job of trying to unclog the toilet. After a couple tries though, it’s a no go. […]

Toilet Paper Drive for Houston

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If you are looking to help out Houston in some way, we are partnering with our non-profit Out of Our Hands and The Next Chapter Church to have a Toilet Paper Drive. Here is how you can donate: 1. If you are a current customer, you can give your donation to the service tech on your job. […]

Flush’s Interview – Outtakes

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While shooting our latest video we found out just how good of an actor Flush is… too bad the human actors couldn’t keep a straight face. 🚽💩