Jolly Plumbing Background

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About Us – Plumbers

Founded in 1979, Jolly Plumbing has grown into one of Greater Cincinnati’s largest and most dependable plumbing businesses. Great service, Christian principles, and customer satisfaction have been the building blocks for the success and growth of Jolly Plumbing. The founders, Barry and Susan Jolly, place honesty and integrity above the bottom line. The company began with Barry running the service calls and Susan serving as the office manager. During these early years Jolly Plumbing became known for its fast, same day service. The young couple consistently worked long days to provide every customer with the service they deserved. This standard remains today as the foundation of Jolly Plumbing’s success.

Jolly Plumbing became the springboard and an integral part of a larger corporation, Jolly Enterprises. Jolly Enterprises is made up of several divisions involved in the service industry and the ownership and leasing of commercial and residential real estate. The real estate portfolio consists of retail centers, office buildings, warehouse facilities, residential houses, and vacation homes. In 2014, Barry Jolly retired from Jolly Plumbing allowing him to focus on the growth and management of the real estate portfolio.

The year 2014 was a year of major change for Jolly Plumbing. Barry Jolly’s retirement was followed by the naming of his son, Brady Jolly, as CEO of the company. Brady’s first order of business was to move the company from its location of the past 15 years to a new state of the art facility across the street at 101 Beacon Drive in Wilder, Kentucky. Brady led a major renovation of the building as he sought to make Jolly Plumbing the premier plumbing company in Greater Cincinnati. The new facility includes a full size basketball court and event center. These amenities are used not only by the employees of Jolly Plumbing, but are also available for use by the general public.

Jolly Enterprises has recently added two very important divisions to its lists of services:

The Jolly Property Maintenance Division allows Jolly Enterprises to provide its customers help with all of their maintenance needs. With access to a variety of the area’s most talented and respected contractors, who Jolly Enterprises has formed deep relationships with during the past 36 years, Jolly Enterprises can now offer one place to call for any maintenance issue that may arise at a commercial facility. Jolly Property Maintenance handles all preventive service, repair, and replacement for HVAC, electrical and, of course, plumbing systems. Professional roofers, snow removal and complete lawn care services are also provided with that signature, over-the-top customer care and exceptional quality of work that you’ve come to expect from Jolly.

The Jolly Property Rescue Division specializes in disaster relief repairs and restoration. Flooding, fire, and storm damage are just a few of the catastrophic events that Jolly Rescue can provide quick and reliable service for. This service goes beyond just making the repairs. Jolly Rescue handles all of the cumbersome communication and paperwork required by insurance companies. Jolly’s experience in providing quick, same day service is the key to their success with this division of service.

Jolly Plumbing’s steady growth has been due to its commitment to excellent service. Providing same day, 24 hour service, 365 days a year, has been its standard since its origin. Jolly Plumbing’s Mission is to provide great service to all of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, to provide a good workplace for its employees and to strive to be a philanthropic asset to the community.