Ductless Mini-Split AC Installation & Repair in Cincinnati, Ohio & Northern Kentucky

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Ductless Mini Split AC Systems in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati

If you’re looking for efficient cooling and heating solutions, ductless mini split AC systems are the perfect choice. At Jolly, we provide reliable installation of these systems to help keep your home or business comfortable year-round.

Ductless mini splits offer several advantages over traditional HVAC units. These units are smaller than conventional air conditioners so they take up less space and can be installed in tighter areas. Additionally, their modular design means that multiple indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit, allowing you to effectively cool or heat multiple rooms at once. Plus, these systems are incredibly energy efficient. Eliminating ductwork means they reduce energy loss by up to 30%, saving you money on your monthly utility bills.

When it comes to the installation of split unit heating and cooling systems, Jolly has you covered. Our experienced and licensed technicians have been installing these systems for years and will ensure that the job is done right the first time. We’ll work with you to find the right system for your home or business and provide a free, no-obligation estimate of installation costs

How Ductless Mini Split AC Systems Work

Ductless mini split AC systems use a combination of outdoor condensing units and indoor air handlers to provide the desired temperature with minimal energy loss. The outdoor unit contains a compressor, fan, evaporator coil, expansion valve, and filter while the indoor air handler houses a blower motor and cooling or heating coils. Both components are connected by refrigerant lines that allow for heat transfer from one side of the system to the other.

The outdoor unit takes in outside air, compresses it to a high pressure, and then sends it to the indoor air handler. The refrigerant lines carry the warm or cool air from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit where it is distributed through vents in each room. This process allows you to control temperatures in different rooms independently and with great accuracy.

The main advantage these split systems heating and cooling have over traditional central AC systems is that they are highly efficient and require no ductwork. This not only saves you money on installation costs but also helps to reduce energy loss due to duct leakage. Furthermore, they can be installed in areas where traditional systems might not fit, such as in a sunroom or garage.

Benefits of Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

These are five major benefits of a ductless mini split AC system:

  • Energy Efficiency

Because they’re ductless, mini split AC systems don’t have the air leaks associated with traditional HVAC systems (said to be up to 30%!). This means they’re more energy efficient and can help you save on your monthly energy bills.

  • Zoning Capabilities

Ductless mini split AC systems offer zoning capabilities that allow you to precisely control the temperature in different areas of your home. With multiple indoor air handling units, each with its own thermostat, you can cool and heat separate rooms based on individual preference.

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance

They’re also incredibly easy to install and maintain. They require no ductwork, meaning they can be placed almost anywhere in your home or office. This also eliminates the need for extensive renovation as well as costly repairs associated with traditional duct systems.

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

This type of system provides improved indoor air quality, thanks to the multi-stage filtration process. This includes a pre-filter that captures large particles and an activated carbon filter that reduces odors and airborne contaminants.

  • Flexible Design Options

Ductless mini split AC systems offer flexible design options that allow you to customize your cooling and heating needs. You can choose from a variety of sizes, styles, and features so that you get the perfect system for your home or business.

Ductless Mini Split AC System Installation and Maintenance

The installation of a ductless mini split AC system involves connecting an outdoor unit to one or more indoor units via refrigerant lines. Generally, installation involves running electrical wiring or conduit to the outdoor unit, mounting the indoor unit on a wall or ceiling, and connecting the refrigerant lines between them. The entire process typically takes one to two days depending on how many units are being installed.

When it comes to ductless mini split AC systems, regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. Homeowners should have their system inspected at least once every year in order to ensure that it operates properly and efficiently. A qualified technician should be used to inspect the system, replace air filters, clean the outdoor unit, and check refrigerant levels.

At Jolly Plumbing, Drains, Heating & Air we have highly experienced technicians who specialize in HVAC ductless mini split systems installation and maintenance. Our team will provide honest advice about your system’s performance and assist you with any necessary repairs or replacement parts. We also offer preventative maintenance plans to ensure your system performs at its best, year after year.

Get the Most Out of Your Ductless Mini Split AC System

Ductless mini splits are energy-efficient systems that can provide both cooling and heating with the added benefit of air purification. Beat the Cincinnati heat by installing a ductless mini split AC system in your home or office.

We at Jolly Plumbing, Drains, Heating & Air can help you install a ductless mini split system in your home or business for efficient cooling and heating. We can also provide long-term support for maintenance and repairs so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your system.

Book our service today and start taking advantage of the many benefits a ductless mini split system can provide.