Trenchless Sewer Line Repair in Cincinnati, Ohio & Northern Kentucky

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What exactly is this trenchless sewer repair?

Do you have a problem with leaking or broken sewer lines? Do you know what trenchless sewer repair is? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place!

This minimally invasive technology replaces damaged drainage pipes without the extensive excavation work that is typically required with sewer repair.

Trenchless sewer repair came about in the 1940s, but you may not have heard of it until recently (slip lining). It truly took off in the 1970s, however, with the advent of structural pipelining, a commonly used pipe rehabilitation technique invented in Europe but now widely employed in the United States.

What Is The Meaning Of Trenchless Pipe Repair?

A trench is a thin, lengthy ditch. Trenchless technology so implies operating without trenches or performing underground construction work without considerable digging.

The primary advantage of trenchless sewer line repair is that we can complete a large amount of work (and inspection) without having to dig a trench through your home or reroute traffic. It is also quicker than traditional approaches. It can typically complete tasks in hours instead of days.

What’s The Difference Between Trenchless Sewer Repair And Other Methods?

Traditional sewer repair methods are often somewhat invasive. You must be extremely familiar with them. They frequently require heavy-duty excavation equipment, large trenches, massive piles of dirt in your home or building, the annoyance of rerouted traffic, and the cost of reassembling everything. Oh, and as previously said, traditional sewer repair projects typically take three times as long to accomplish.

Yes, traditional approaches have been tried and tested. They do their job, and they do it well. However, trenchless approaches have enabled us to do some of the jobs more swiftly and without inconvenience. Trenchless sewer line repair is also known to be less expensive in the long run, as you will see.

What Are The Benefits Of Trenchless Plumbing Methods?

Faster — It may often complete the operation in one day when traditional procedures could take many days or weeks.

Cost-effective — Using trenchless plumbing methods to restore a sewer may appear to be more expensive than traditional methods until the cost of restoring damaged property is considered. Remember that traditional sewer repair methods are frequently extremely invasive. After the service is completed, you will be stuck with the fee for reassembling everything. Depending on what has to be demolished in order to reach the broken pipes, this might result in thousands being spent on additional costs.

Minimally-invasive – Sewer pipes are underground therefore, they are more difficult to access, and repairs frequently necessitate some property disruption. However, trenchless sewer line repair keeps this to a minimum.

Less damage to your property – Traditional methods may require digging up flooring and tearing down walls, based on where the affected pipe is placed. The expense of repairing this type of damage could be substantial. Trenchless solutions can frequently complete the operation by only digging one or two small trenches outdoors, just enough to reach the pipe.

More effective – Trenchless sewer repair procedures are exactly as successful as traditional approaches. If you’re asking why it’s not employed in every situation, it’s because it doesn’t work in every situation. We’ll get there in a second.

Designed to stand the test of time – Trenchless sewer repair is not a quick fix, it’s a method that should last up to 100 years. If you would like more information, get in touch today.

What type of Trenchless Sewer Repair do you do?

Cured-in-place-pipe lining (Also called structural pipelining) – This entails placing an epoxy-soaked liner into the broken pipe and allowing it to dry for a few hours to create a new pipe within the old one. When it’s gone, your new pipe will be as good as new.

Does Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Work Every Time?

It would be fantastic if it did. Regrettably, it does not.

The condition of the damaged pipe determines if trenchless sewer repair is the right solution for you. Trenchless repair procedures, for example, may not work if the pipe is collapsed, back pitched, or incorrectly graded.

Trenchless solutions may work in some cases, but they are not cost-effective. Trenchless solutions, for example, can be employed if your damaged pipe isn’t too deep (i.e. it’s easy to access). However, traditional ways of repair may be more cost-effective. However, if it’s beneath your driveway or your brand-new swimming pool, a trenchless strategy is usually preferable. If you used standard methods to fix the damage, it would most certainly cost you thousands of dollars.

The only way to know for certain if trenchless sewer repair is the right solution for your unique situation is to contact a sewer replacement contractor who is trained in trenchless sewer repair techniques. They’ll be able to advise you of the best solution once they assess the damaged pipe with a video camera.

Is Trenchless Sewer Repair An Affordable Option?

Trenchless sewer repair does not normally do as much damage to your property as traditional procedures do. And if your property isn’t destroyed, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars restoring it to its pre-repair condition. Repairing the damage produced by typical sewer repair procedures can be fairly costly, costing as much as $25,000 or more in some circumstances.
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