Drain Clogged

Before You Call

How big is the line that you need unclogged?

1-2 inches: This is typically your sink fixtures and drains for your bathroom, sump pump lines, stationery tubs or kitchen.

3 Inches +: This would be for your toilets, down spouts, sewer or septic lines.

Is this the first time it has clogged?

Do you know what clogged it?

How much is this going to cost?

First thing to know about the price for clogs is that we may want to camera the line (if larger than 2 inches) first.

After that, it’s comes down to how big the line is and how serious of a clog it is (Read more about serious and not so serious clogs below.).

If you are asking “Isn’t a line a line? Why is it different pricing just because it’s an inch bigger?” The reason is because that inch makes a difference on the type of equipment we can/will use.

Serious vs Not-So-Serious Clogs


Clogs are a little more complicated than “serious” and “not as serious” clogs but as an introduction we boiled it down to these two categories.

Really what it comes down to is that the “not as serious” clogs are fixable and should go back to flowing normal (too much toilet paper). The “serious” clogs are typically ones that are constantly backing up and giving you trouble. This usually means something else is going on in the line like roots, a break or maybe just a bad run that isn’t allowing for a good flow.

If that is the case then your most likely going to have to get the line repaired or replaced. It’s best to do this sooner rather than later or you may end up spending double by the time you pay for all the service calls of trying to unclog the drain.

Is There a Warranty?

There is no warranty or guarantee that what we do will forever keep the line clear. The reason for this is because unless we camera we really don’t know how serious of a clog it is. So we will try to get it unclogged the best that we can but we will never be able to unclog something that has mud or roots inside the line (we are not plumbing wizards) or if the user is putting things inside the line that block it off.

If it is a serious clog and we need to replace or repair the line you can find more information on pricing for that here.