Call Our 24/7 Service Line for Immediate Assistance Ohio: (513)202-7500 - Kentucky: (859)781-7500

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24 Hour Service Phone Line:

Our 24/7 phone service is available to schedule your service and repairs or dispatch a plumber for your emergency.

Ohio: 513-202-7500

Kentucky: 859-781-7500

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Jolly Plumbing
101 Beacon Drive, Suite 1
Wilder, Kentucky 41076


The Jolly Team

Contact any one of the following dedicated Jolly Plumbing team

Brady Jolly, CEO

Brady Jolly

Cell Phone: 859-322-4863

Scott Sharrock, Operations Manager

Scott Sharrock

Operations Manager
Cell Phone: 859-835-6314

Laura Stormer, Finance Manager/Human Resources

Laura Stormer

Finance Manager/Human Resources

Randy Morris, Dispatcher

Randy Morris


Wayne Crowder, Estimator

Wayne Crowder


Tammy Cigolotti, Dispatcher

Tammy Cigolotti


Debbie Weber, Office Manager/Billing Clerk

Debbie Weber

Office Manager/Billing Clerk

Flush Jolly

Chief Pup