7 Warning Signs of a Failing Water Heater

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Plumbing

Do you know a water heater can last up to 13 years? However, this will only happen if it’s properly maintained. The benefits of having hot water at home are usually overlooked until suddenly you don’t have it.

If the water heater stops functioning during winter, it would be unfortunate, especially if you have a family. To avoid such a scenario, you must look for failing water heater signs.

Your water heater might fail when the anode rods are used up or when the metal tank corrodes. In some instances, heating elements might break, causing it to malfunction.

Most people wait until the water heater completely malfunctions to have it repaired. If you are one of them, you risk facing costly repairs in the future.

There are conspicuous signs that indicate your water heater needs repair. If you ignore such signs, you might be forced to replace the whole unit in the future.

So, do you know the signs to look out for to determine whether your water heater is destined to fail? If not, worry no more.

Here are the 7 warning signs of a failing water heater:

1. Water Leaking From the Heating Tank

Suppose you find water leaking from the heating tank you need to be concerned about. Water leakage is one of the most common signs of a failing water heater. The water might be dripping from the tank or pooling under the unit.

To determine the source of the leak, check for any screws, inlets, or connection pipes that are loose. If you find any loose connection tighten it to prevent further water loss. After that, check on the bottom of the tank for water leaks.

Water condensing on the water heater is quite common when the unit’s built-up pressure is being released. But if you discover a substantial amount of water pooling from the unit, it’s a sign the water heater is leaking.

You would be forced to replace the whole unit in such a case. But water heater replacement is not a simple process; hence ensure to involve a technician.

2. You Don’t Have Enough Hot Water

If the water heater does not provide enough hot water to wash the dishes and take a shower, is a sign the unit is failing. With the unit throughout the home being a complex system, there could be several factors causing the issue.

The issue might result from a tripped circuit breaker, making the thermostat get stuck on a specific setting. In some cases, faulty components, such as the temperature-pressure relief valve, might make the unit malfunction.

On your own, determining the leading cause of the issues in such a case might be challenging. It would be better to consult a seasoned professional plumber to handle the unit.

3. Varying Water Temperature Issues

You might find one second the water is too hot and the next it’s too cold. If the fluctuation in temperature happens pretty quickly, you might tend to ignore it.

But this is a sign of a failing water heater that you should not overlook anymore. There might be a severe issue with your hot water heater that might get worse with time.

In most cases, the issue of water temperature fluctuation is a result of a thermostat or heating element failure. If you don’t know how to check the condition of a thermostat or the heating element, you better consult a technician.

4. Water Heater Is Making Unusual Noises

If you notice rumbling sounds, it indicates sediment has accumulated in your tank. Sediments make it challenging for the water heater to heat water, leading to rumbling sounds.

If the sediment is not removed on time, the continued build-up might create cracks on your water heater. Having a water heater cracking in winter can be the biggest nightmare for a homeowner.

Thus, get it checked if you discover strange noises coming from the heating unit.

5. Water Is Discoloured

If you suddenly discover the water looks cloudy and rusty, it’s an indication something is wrong with your water heater. Cloudy water is an indication of sediment accumulation in the tank.

The presence of rusty water is a sign of rust in the tank or pipes. You have to get the unit checked by a plumber in either situation. However, when hiring a plumber, you must be cautious.

Not all plumbers out there offer quality services. Some are incompetent and uncertified. It’s therefore important to hire reputable and licensed plumbing service providers.

6. Low Water Pressure

If you realize the water pressure has been dropping significantly, it’s a good sign there is an issue with your water heater. Sediment accumulation is a critical factor that leads to a decrease in water pressure.

If the sediments are not removed immediately, you risk having the water heater develop cracks and leaks. Avoid such a scenario by having the deposits removed immediately.

7. You’re Constantly Getting the Water Heater Repaired

It’s normal for the water heater to require minor repairs, such as valve replacement, over its lifetime. However, if the unit keeps on malfunctioning, you need to be concerned.

If the unit has reached its expected life span, it’s a good sign you need to get it replaced. But if the unit keeps malfunctioning even before attaining half of its life span, it’s a sign it has a serious issue.

If you have had it repaired more than five times recently, you should get your technician’s genuine opinion.

Keep an Eye on These 7 Signs of a Failing Water Heater Today

The benefits of having a functioning water heater cannot be ignored. If you have a failing water heater, it’s better to repair it early to avoid costly future repairs.

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