Comfort Is Key: A Guide to Furnace Humidifier Installation

by | Nov 10, 2023 | Humidifier

Maintaining a comfortable indoor environment is crucial, particularly during the bone-chilling months when dry air can exacerbate respiratory issues and cause discomfort. In such seasons, a furnace humidifier plays a pivotal role in balancing the indoor humidity levels, ensuring a cozy and healthy living space. 

At Jolly Plumbing, Drains, Heating & Air, our expertise in furnace humidifier installation across Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati ensures that your home remains a haven of comfort throughout the winter.

Why Furnace Humidifier Installation Is Crucial

Having optimal humidity levels within your home offers an array of benefits that extend beyond mere comfort.

Health Advantages

Adequate humidity levels can prevent your sinuses and throat from drying out, reducing the risk of infections and allergies. Moreover, it can alleviate symptoms for those suffering from asthma or other respiratory conditions, fostering a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

Furniture and Wood Preservation

Maintaining optimal humidity levels can prevent wood furniture and flooring from cracking or warping. The balanced air ensures longevity and maintains the aesthetic appeal of your wood items.

Energy Efficiency

Properly humidified air feels warmer. This distinction means that you can lower your thermostat and save on energy bills during the chilly months.

Types of Furnace Humidifiers

Understanding the different types of furnace humidifiers is essential in selecting one that best suits your home’s specific requirements. 

  • Drum Humidifiers: Drum humidifiers operate by rotating a belt through a water reservoir, absorbing water, and then dispersing it into the air via a drum-shaped evaporator pad.
  • Flow-Through Humidifiers: These humidifiers utilize a constant flow of water to create moisture, ensuring a consistent supply of humidified air throughout your home. Homeowners report that this type of humidifier is low maintenance and effective in preventing the accumulation of bacteria and mold.
  • Steam Humidifiers: Using an electric heating element, steam humidifiers produce steam by heating water, which is then released into the air, providing quick and efficient humidification. 

Choosing the Right Furnace Humidifier

To know which furnace humidifier is right for your home, consider these various factors:

  • Home Size: The size of your home determines the capacity of the humidifier required to ensure even distribution of humidified air throughout all living spaces.
  • Climate: Understanding the local climate is essential in determining the ideal humidity level for your home. You can select a humidifier that maintains the optimal humidity range for your area.
  • Budget: Setting a budget helps keep you from overspending. While considering costs, it’s important to also prioritize quality and efficiency.

Jolly’s Recommendation

At Jolly Plumbing, Drains, Heating & Air, we recommend these furnace humidifiers:

  • Vornado Evap40 Evaporative Humidifier for smaller homes and apartments (1,000 square feet), providing efficient and reliable humidification for compact living spaces.
  • Aircare Whole House Humidifier for medium-sized homes (3,600 square feet), offering balanced humidity control and energy efficiency.
  • AprilAire 700 Whole-House Humidifier for larger homes (5,300 square feet), ensuring comprehensive humidification for extensive living areas, especially during harsh winter conditions.

The Installation Process

Once you’ve selected the right model for your home, we can begin the installation process:

  1. Assessing the layout and requirements of the home
  2. Choosing the appropriate location for the humidifier
  3. Connecting the humidifier to the water supply and the furnace system
  4. Testing the system to ensure it functions optimally

DIY Vs. Professional Installation

While some homeowners may consider a DIY approach to furnace humidifier installation to cut costs, it is essential to recognize the potential risks and complications that can arise. A DIY install can cause anything from water leaks to electrical issues and damage to the heating system. Opting for professional installation with experienced technicians guarantees a safe and efficient installation process, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of a properly functioning system.

Contact our team at Jolly for an efficient, worry-free installation.

Maintenance Tips

After installing your humidifier, perform regular maintenance to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your model. Here are some ways you can keep your system in optimal condition:

  • Regular Cleaning: Clean and replace the water panel or filter of your humidifier at least twice a year to prevent mineral deposit buildup and bacteria growth.
  • Humidity Monitoring: Monitor the humidity levels within your home, especially during fluctuating weather conditions, and adjust the settings as needed to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment.
  • Routine Inspections: Regularly inspect the humidifier for any signs of leaks, blockages, or unusual noises that might indicate a potential issue. Promptly address these concerns to prevent more significant problems from arising.
  • Professional Maintenance Checks: Schedule annual maintenance checks with professionals to ensure that your furnace humidifier continues to function at optimum levels and to address any potential issues before they escalate.

Contact Jolly for Your Furnace Humidifier Installation

A well-installed and properly maintained furnace humidifier is an indispensable component for creating a comfortable and healthy indoor living environment, particularly during the winter months. Jolly Plumbing, Drains, Heating & Air is committed to ensuring that your home remains a sanctuary of warmth and comfort. 

Contact us today for expert furnace humidifier installation services, and let us help you achieve the perfect balance of comfort and efficiency in your home.

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