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Get to Know Scott Sharrock, Director of Operations

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Hey, everybody!

You know, we’re not only proud of the work we do and so fortunate for the opportunity to serve your every plumbing need, we’re also incredibly proud of the members of the Jolly team who are active in our community, providing important services outside of the great work they do here.

Take Scott Sharrock, our Director of Operations, for example. Did you know that he’s an active member of Next Chapter Church and leads one of their Life Groups specifically geared toward young adults? It’s true!

Next Chapter operates out of the same building as Jolly Plumbing and they hold a service every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. in the Jolly Event Center. They’ve become fantastic friends of ours, and I’ll let Scott tell you in his own words how he became involved with them.

Enjoy! And we’re proud of you, Scott!


What brought you to Next Chapter?

I’ve been involved with several churches in my life. I attended the Next Chapter Church a couple of times not long after we finished our new shop in Wilder. Since we’re both located in the same building, I started building close relationships with the pastors, Rob Roy and Aaron Broomall. I even attended a mini mission trip with them. We went to Virginia with the Appalachia Service Project to help families who couldn’t do so, rebuild their houses. But it was still about 1.5 years from when I met the guys before I’d start attending NCC full time. I was still going to Revive Church in Grant County, but I felt my calling to change.

How’d you come to lead the Anchor Life Group?

I had many conversations with Aaron (many of them on the golf course; we’re in a league together) about wanting to pursue some sort of ministry work. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be with a youth group, young adult group, men’s group, etc. Well, Next Chapter was doing a church-wide bible study to prepare for the start of some additional Life Groups to the ones that they were already doing. Aaron asked me if I would be interested in running a 6 week bible study for young adults and I immediately knew that this is what I was looking to do and felt a strong calling from God to pursue it at full speed. Discussion then started about what we would do after the 6 week study and what it would transform into. It, eventually, formed into what Anchor is now. I also have a co-leader, Ryan Eten, and I couldn’t imagine doing this without him. His passion for Jesus, love and understanding for people is inspiring. He’s a big part of Anchor success as well.

What do you all do outside the church?

The group is all about creating relationships, so our members will go out together to see guest pastors/speakers at other churches in the area, we’ll go bowling, initiate other service projects, etc. There’s usually one event a month that some of the members go to together. And, right now, we have at least 5 people attending he Appalachia Service Project in April. We’re also planning a trip to Honduras we hope to take in 2018.

How often do you meet?

We meet every Monday at Jolly Plumbing/Next Chapter Church @ 7:30.

Why did you want to get involved?

As I said previously, I really had it on my heart to get into ministry for a couple years before I really pursued it. I knew right when I was asked to help NCC with their young adult group this was my calling. I love Next Chapter Church! They’re built on principles that I believe are the most important. “Love God. Love People. Bless the world.” is their mission statement. Also my relationship with the main pastors, Rob, Aaron, and Brent just make it so much fun. And I get to see them everyday while I’m at work at Jolly Plumbing.

How has being involved affected you?

Honestly, it has been one of the most influential changes in my life! As I’ve built my relationship with Jesus I understand myself more. I know my value, how much I’m loved, and how easy it is to love others. It’s been a game changer for me! Some of my closest friends are from the group, which is really awesome. I’m very excited for the future of Anchor, I think it’s going to go a lot of places for myself and many others.

About Anchor:

What is it?
A place to meet some new people, have fun with some discussion of Jesus and the Bible. Anchor is really set up to make intimate relationships and to help you grow your relationship with Jesus/God as you can help many others grow in the group. One of the great things about the group is you get to decide how much you want to participate, there is not a lot of pressure on anyone so the overall comfort level is extremely high. Some choose to participate in all the activities and conversations for the night as others like to just listen/learn which is just as awesome.

Who is it for?
For any and all young adults approx. age group 18-28

When and where do you meet?
We meet every Monday @ 7:30pm at The Next Chapter Church/Jolly Plumbing 101 Beacon Dr. Wilder KY 41076

Visit for more details!

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