Water Heater Issues: 5 Common Issues With Tank Water Heaters

by | May 10, 2021 | Water Heaters

Determining the problem with your water heater can be quite the conundrum.

Your water heater is essential to the function of your home. It delivers the necessary water on demand. This is used in laundry, bathing, cleaning dishes, and more. But what happens when water heater issues start?

Common issues with water heaters can be a simple fix. It’s important to react to the problem as soon as possible. Without a quick response, the problem could grow.

Here are five common water heater issues you might run into.

1. Zero Hot Water

The purpose of a water heater is to provide hot water, kind of obvious, right? If your water heater isn’t doing its job, there’s a problem. Make sure the pilot light to the water heater is on. If it’s not, you may need to try turning it on.

The problem grows when the pilot light is active, but water still isn’t running. In this case, you need to contact a professional.

2. Temperature and Water Heater Issues

If your thermostat is set too high or too low, odds are you’ll notice it. If adjusting the thermostat doesn’t fix the issue, you may be suffering from common water heater issues.

Temperature can be fixed by draining your water heater to clear out sediment build-up. If this doesn’t do the trick, a new thermostat or heating element may be the answer. These solutions are best handled by a plumber.

3. Water Stench

A smell coming from your water is a water heater problem. This is almost always a signal of water that is infected with bacteria.

The thick smell of a rotten egg is unable to be covered when bacteria is the problem. Flushing the tank and filling it with a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide can be a simple solution.

If the smell persists, it’s time to call someone who can help. You’ll know it’s one of a few water heater issues if the smell is coming from your fixtures in both hot and cold settings.

4. Leaks, Leaks, Leaks

Leaks are the worst nightmare scenario for a homeowner. Regardless of where the leak is, there’s a massive problem.

If you’re experiencing a leaky water heater, it’s time to replace the unit. At any moment a 30 or 60-gallon tank could end up draining into your basement or utility room.

Get a new water heater stat and toss the old one aside.

5. Under Pressure

The pressure of your water tells you a lot about tank water heater issues.

If you’re noticing a change in the pressure of your hot water, it could be a few things. Sediment, calcium-deposits, or rust is limiting your plumbing. The pressure is essential to the function of water heaters.

This is a common, but fixable issue when it comes to diagnosing water heater issues.

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