The Role of HVAC Systems in Indoor Air Quality and How To Maintain Them for Optimal Performance

by | May 16, 2023 | HVAC

Most parts of your HVAC system are out of sight, often tucked away in your basement or attic and forgotten about. However, your indoor air quality (IAQ) depends on each part, meaning all aspects need all the attention you can give. Jolly Plumbing, Drains, Heating and Air is here to explain the significant role of HVAC systems in IAQ and how you can keep them in top condition.

How HVAC Systems Affect Indoor Air Quality

Your HVAC system regulates indoor temperature, humidity, and air circulation, all of which impact the IAQ in your home. It involves the function of your thermostat, heat generator, exchanger, air ducts and vents, and other parts.

You can reduce allergens with the right temperature and humidity. And with proper air circulation, you can exhaust unpleasant odors and pollutants. Therefore, dysfunctional HVAC systems, or those that weren’t properly designed, can generate pollutants and excess moisture instead of improving IAQ.

Your indoor space becomes a place for dust and other fine particles, mold, dander, pet hair, and dust mites, which cause health problems to people with allergies or chronic illnesses. Some other indoor pollutants your HVAC system is saving you and your family from include the following:

  • Carbon monoxide. This odorless and tasteless poison needs a monitoring device that’s part of your HVAC system to ensure it’s not in your family’s indoor environment.
  • Nitrogen dioxide. Heat-producing appliances produce this toxic gas, which can cause headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and lung damage.
  • Pesticides. These outdoor chemicals can find their way into your home, but an HVAC system can help trap these particles before they cause any harm.
  • Respirable particles. Air filters that work properly can prevent respirable particles in your home, which cause respiratory illness and other health problems.

Common HVAC Maintenance Tasks

Some of the common HVAC maintenance tasks you can do are replacing your air filters, cleaning ductwork, and scheduling annual inspections. You can do some maintenance tasks on your own, such as regulating your home temperature. You can also keep the outside HVAC system unit clean and clear by removing debris on and around it during yard maintenance. Eliminating clutter around your indoor HVAC unit can also help the system function more efficiently.

However, some tasks require professional help, like repairs and replacements and fine-tuning the system. Visual inspection of the HVAC system also helps identify potential issues and prevents them from escalating. Maintaining the carbon monoxide detector might also require professional help.

Investing in professional HVAC maintenance services guarantees your HVAC systems are properly functioning. If there are potential problems, an experienced technician can detect them and help prevent any further damage. Taking care of your HVAC system also prolongs its life!

Improving HVAC Performance for Better Indoor Air Quality

A newer, more energy-efficient system can ensure better control over your indoor environment and improved air quality. Installing air purification systems is also an excellent idea. As homeowners, you can also work on pollution prevention for energy efficiency, leading to reduced energy consumption and bills.

  • Turn down the thermostat. The ideal temperature for the HVAC system to work efficiently and keep indoor air quality optimal is 68 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 60 at night.
  • Turn unused appliances and equipment off. Some appliances produce indoor air pollutants that require your HVAC system to work harder to filter the air.
  • Purchase energy-efficient products and equipment. Check the Energy Star labels of every product you buy. You can reduce energy costs by 30% and cause less pollution!
  • Insulate your house, pipes, and fixtures. Proper insulation will keep the air inside cool in summer and warm in winter, reducing the workload of your HVAC system.
  • Clean or replace filters regularly. Dirty filters are among the most common issues that reduce airflow and render the system inefficient. Replace your filters or clean them regularly!

Working with a professional company for HVAC system upgrades and installations guarantees you can get the most out of your system. An experienced technician can inspect your system, suggest the best solutions, and properly install them!


Your HVAC system is crucial in keeping your home comfortable and the IAQ in check. Keeping up with regular maintenance guarantees optimal performance.

If your HVAC system requires more frequent repair services or your indoor air quality doesn’t seem to improve, it’s time to invest in an upgrade.

Working with a professional technician will give the best results and keep your system running smoothly for years. Jolly Plumbing, Drains, Heating and Air offers air conditioner repair services to help homeowners beat the heat and keep their HVAC systems in tip-top shape. Our furnace repair services also help extend the life of your system and prevent costly emergency repairs.

When you maintain your HVAC system for optimal performance, you also maintain the air quality you breathe. Contact us today for your repair and maintenance needs!

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